Our goals are: 

  *To establish a secure and confidential work environment for our clientele, in or out of the workplace.

  *Provide a top-tier infrastructure for our customers.

  *Protect our customers from all threats by sea air and land.


C-Consultants. Always in search of the very best, we boast in our lines some of the very best, such as:


*Soke Sensei Michael DePasquale Jr., world leader of Yoshitsune Combat Ju-jitsu, also trained in Judo & Karate; with a vast experience in training elite organizations, such as The U.S. Marshalls, The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), etc.


Lauren Rice. Fitness Trainer / Nutrition Consultant.

Lauren is a ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer / Nutrition Consultant, the same Fitness Association founded by our (R.I.P) mentor and friend, Dr. Fred Hatfield. A fantastic Martial Artist--specializing in Close Quarter Combat, an avid fitness lady, a business professional (with a Business degree from Faulkner University), and Spanish language / cultural skills proficiency...An a regular I.T. (Microsoft Excel, Word, etc) professional, Lauren is the type of skilled individual with "Killer Skills" that The Unit LLC is always proud of being associated with!

"Manimal Roars" self-defense technique.

The Unit LLC is a company, founded on the principles of Equality, Character, Unique Skills Set. We are comprised of veterans of The United States Military Branches, The Federal Government and The Private Sector, all with a blend of skills and experiences to set them apart from all others.

​​​A-Mission. The Unit LLC provides strategic, operational and tactical  services, for each and everyone of our divisions.  Whether is a hostile urban or rural environment, Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle or Far East, The Unit LLC has skilled personnel with experiences in all parts of The Globe.

B-Diversity. The Unit LLC is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to having a competent and diverse workplace, with the best professionals, regardless of Religious affiliation or Ethnicity.