Our goals are: 

  *To establish a secure and confidential work environment for our clientele, in or out of the workplace.

  *Provide a top-tier infrastructure for our customers.

  *Protect our customers from all threats by sea, air and land.


​​​A-Mission. The Unit LLC provides strategic, operational and tactical  services, for each and everyone of our divisions.  Whether is a hostile urban or rural environment, Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle or Far East, The Unit LLC has skilled personnel with experiences in all parts of The Globe.

B-Diversity. The Unit LLC is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to having a competent and diverse workplace, with the best professionals, regardless of Religious affiliation or Ethnicity.

The Unit LLC is a company, founded on the principles of Equality, Character, Unique Skills Set. We are a group of Veterans of The United States Armed Forces & The Intelligence Community, all with a blend of skills--particularly language & cultural-- and experiences, to set them apart from all others.

Part of the unique training given to our customers, is a blend of Martial Arts training.  From Karate to Ju-Jitsu, Weapons training of all sorts, even relaxing techniques such as "Meditation" (perfect for Law Enforcement), we have highly skilled experts in such.