Our goals are: 

  *To establish a secure and confidential work environment for our clientele, in or out of the workplace.

  *Provide a top-tier infrastructure for our customers.

  *Protect our customers from all threats by sea, air and land.


​​​A-Mission. The Unit LLC provides strategic, operational and tactical  services, for each and everyone of our divisions.  Whether is a hostile urban or rural environment, Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle or Far East, The Unit LLC has skilled personnel with experiences in all parts of The Globe.

The Unit LLC is a company, founded on the principles of Equality, Character, Unique Skills Set. We are a group of Veterans of The United States Armed Forces & The Intelligence Community, all with a blend of skills--particularly language & cultural-- and experiences, to set them apart from all others.

Part of the unique training given to our customers, is a blend of Martial Arts training.  From Karate to Ju-Jitsu, Weapons training of all sorts, even relaxing techniques such as "Meditation" (perfect for Law Enforcement), we have highly skilled experts in such.

B-Diversity. The Unit LLC is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to having a competent and diverse workplace, with the best professionals, regardless of Religious affiliation or Ethnicity.