Christopher J. Cowgill, Chief Intelligence & I.T. Officer, Senior Vice President. 

Chris is  currently in The Air National Guard, an NCOIC for C2 Systems, maintaining all computerized systems on a Military post, to include SIPRNet, NIPRNet & NORAD NEN. Also responsible for new technological proposals that can be used by The Command, as well as all TEMPEST standards for hardware and software. A former Commander's executive & PLO distribution manager, he owns  Associates of Applied Sciences in both Emergency Management,  Business & Logistics Management with The Air Force Community College.

Currently working on a BS in Information Systems Security with a Digital Forensics Focus.

Fluent in both The English & Spanish languages, he is a 3rd Dan in Hawaiian / Shaolin Kempo Karate, a tremendous competitor in The Arts, and a very physical individual.

Zulaihka Laynes, Chief Latin America Officer. 

A former Police Officer in The Republic of Panama (including a Highway "motorcycle" patrolman) & professional bodyguard.... A marketing professional, with Unix & Linux computerized skills, she is the total package, where professionalism, physicality and unique skills are concerned.

Shane Adcox. Chief Security Officer, Vice President.

Mr. Adcox is a RET SWCC, former Naval Special Warfare Instructor, Basic Crewman Training... Shane was also a Anti Terrorism assistant instructor for The U.S. State Dept., and later an instructor for The U.S. Department of State African Union Mission in Somalia--AMISON, 2012.. Also specializes in Maritme Intelligence Analysis, as well as all manners of Maritime security--particularly in  Antiterrorism/ Force protection. An expert in SERE, with a BS from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. NRA certified firearms instructor.

Leon C. Baptiste, CEO / President / Owner.

Leon "Lee" Baptiste is a well-rounded, unique individual.  A Veteran of The US Army & DOD, who has served our national interests in Germany, Cyprus,  Iraq, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait.... over 40 nations! A former Linguist / Translator, fluent in Spanish, plus German & Mandarin. With a strong I.T. background--a minor in Information Technology, plus Data structure & algorithm training-- he worked for ITT Industries as their Senior Desk Admin., in Victory Base--Bagdhad, during the War on Terror. Trained Sniper, Diver, Squad leader in both The Army & DOD. Trained in several Martial Arts styles (Shotokan, Kyokushin Kai, Tai Chi Chuan, BJJ), he is called "Mr. Creativity", as he is a Senior close quarter combat instructor, having created "The Lion" self-defense technique & Kata (predetermined fighting stances). A buddhist with roots in Latin America. 

Ganesh Balakrishnan, Chief Middle East Officer.

Originally from Chennai, India, Ganesh has an Executive MBA, specializing in Professional Project Management, with a Technical Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.  With 12 plus years of experience in transportation & logistics management, he has being in some of the most unique regions of the world: Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.  Fluent in several languages (including English); an avid motorcycle rider & outdoors man, to include close quarter combat training.

Mohammed Sami Uddin. Chief Overseas Engineer.

Sami is a Civil Engineer,  specializing in Surveying & Civil Draughtsman ship by the INDO BRITISH ACADEMY; also certified in AUTO CAD. With a Diploma in Multi Lingual DTP, with English, Arabic,  Hindu & Telugu among his top language skills; he has worked for DOD in Kuwait and other regions of the Middle East. Very proficient in all aspect of Microsoft Office.