Dr. Fred Hatfield. R.I.P.

            KOMATSU Ltd, vehicles.

Construction Site... Excavation..

Road Construction.

Cyber Security.

D- Civil Engineering Division..... For SCIF.  Quality and Safety are the basis of this division. Infrastructural development is vital for the success of a nation. A skilled and experience labor force is also a must for us. Some of the things we do:

     *Site Preparation.  First and foremost is the success of every project. Being cost sensitive, along with the use of the latest technological advances, is the way to go.

     *Underground Utilities: Specializing in water, sewer and drainage construction.

     *"SMART CONSTRUCTION SERVICES", a technological system made famous by Komatsu, the famous Japanese company with it's "driver less" vehicles. Maximum efficiency and minimal human errors are the result of using such services.




A-Intelligence Division
. We provide consulting services--"Management Consulting"-- as we are able to detect, asses threats in all environment types, from hostile regions where terrorism is present, to more modern settings, where “industrial espionage” is very present. Official translations are also part of the skill sets in this division, thanks to the worldwide human assets with language/cultural skills. This division has 4 subdivisions (& a "special" subdivision):

     a-Information Technology / Cloud Computing. We help our clients manage their Information flow, to include the storage of information (in The Cloud). Also, **HELP DESK SERVICES are a big portion of our I.T.  environment, along with Asset Management Software (MAXIMO)

     b-Cyber Security. In Real Time! The process of deterring, detecting and stopping a Cyber-attack, as it’s happening, allows our customers to maintain a safe and productive workplace.

   c-HUMINT/ Counterintelligence: We have a fantastic group of Intelligence professionals, with experience in the most hostile regions, with language and cultural knowledge, and an array of unique skills.

     d-Telecommunications / Systems Engineering: Experts professionals,  in designing & implementation of complex systems. This department also includes the ultimate in satellite communications technology, provided by our teaming partners  at Scotty Satcom Technologies, a division of The Scotty Group. We include in this department, the use of TELECONFERENCING SYSTEMS.


B-Logistics & Security Division. We provide Logistical support, Security & training for all environments, from hostile regions to urban settings; this is possible, because of the tier 1 & 2 personnel we possess, mostly Veterans of The Armed Forces & Civil Service, with tremendous skills/experiences. We are able to help our clients acquire tactical and operational skills, through the proper training.  We are able to conduct "SPECIALIZED OPS" with counter terrorists, in support of The USA & it's allies.

*Air Transportation Support / Training (and related) is one of the integral aspects for our Security Division.

*We are able to manage inventory & movement of equipment, to get products in the field.

*We provide highly qualified security personnel ( SOF / SOCOM professionals), always with a Global expertise.

*We also offer "Hazardous/ Combat environment, Health & Wellness Medical Training", with the help from our teaming partners from MEDIC SERVICES INTERNATIONAL.

C-The Dr. Hatfield Division.... Our Biochemcial Solutionsdivision has being renamed "The Dr. Hatfield Division", in honor of our gone (but never forgotten) Dr. Fred Hatfield, a great professional, consultant, Mentor!  The detection of Chemical/Biological Hazards in an environment is  part of the services we offer our customers, along with the detection / treatment of pollutants and other environmental issues..