Construction Site... Excavation..

D-Civil Engineering Division..... For SCIF.  Quality and Safety are the basis of this division. Infrastructural development is vital for the success of a nation. A skilled and experience labor force is also a must for us. Some of the things we do:

     *Site Preparation.  First and foremost is the success of every project. Being cost sensitive, along with the use of the latest technological advances, is the way to go.

     *Underground Utilities: Specializing in water, sewer and drainage construction.

     *"SMART CONSTRUCTION SERVICES", a technological system made famous by Komatsu, the famous Japanese company with it's "driver less" vehicles. Maximum efficiency and minimal human errors are the result of using such services.

            KOMATSU Ltd, vehicles.

Road Construction.

Cyber Security.

Dr. Fred Hatfield. R.I.P.




A-Intelligence Division
. We provide consulting services--"Management Consulting"-- as we are able to detect, asses threats in all environment types, from hostile regions where terrorism is present, to more modern settings, where “industrial espionage” is very present. This division has 4 subdivisions:

     a-Business IntelligenceA technology-driven process for analyzing data information  and delivering actionable information; we include Business AnalyticsCompetitiveIntelligence and FINTECH.  Cloud Computing  is also part of this ecosystem. 

     b-Cyber Security. In Real Time! The process of deterring, detecting and stopping a Cyber-attack, as it’s happening, allows our customers to maintain a safe and productive workplace.

     c-Telecommunications Services / Systems Engineering: Experts professionals,  in designing & implementation of complex systems.

     d-Information Technology / OSINT / Insider Threat Awareness.

     e-Translators &Translation Services.

B-Logistics & Security Division.

We provide a wide spectrum of logistical support,  primarily supporting expeditionary security ops. We also specialize in security training tailored to numerous environments, ranging from corporate to hostile regions and urban settings..... This includes high threat protection in hostile environments, executive protection at the combatant command level, DOD vulnerability & mission assurance assessments. Also:

*Maritime security services, to include training and consulting.

*Air Transportation Support, with such as part of our expeditionary deployment of supplies & equipment.

C-The Dr. Hatfield Division.... Our Biochemcial Solutionsdivisionhas being renamed "The Dr. Hatfield Division", in honor of our gone (but never forgotten) Dr. Fred Hatfield, a great professional, consultant, Mentor!  The detection of Chemical/Biological Hazards in an environment is  part of the services we offer our customers, along with the detection / treatment of pollutants and other environmental issues..