Leon C. Baptiste, CEO / President / Owner, The Unit LLC.

Leon "Lee" Baptiste is  a Veteran of The US Army & DOD-a former CSCS instructor--, who has served our national interests in more than 40 nations. A Linguist , fluent in Spanish, plus basic German & Mandarin. With a strong I.T. background--a minor in Information Technology, plus Data structure & algorithm training-- he worked for ITT Industries at in Victory Base--Bagdhad, during the War on Terror.  Author of such as " An Integrated approach to Anti-Terrorism: Cyber & Physical Security" (2017). Of Buddhist faith and Hispanic descent, considered an expert in the Hispanic culture. Proud member of the Global SOF Foundation and the Association of Latino Professionals for America.

Lauren R. Rice, Chief Operating Officer& Executive Vice President, The Unit LLC.

MSMS-BA (Master of Science in Management Science-Business Analytics), UAH.

B.A. In Business Administration, Faulkner University. ISSA Certified Fitness/ Nutrition Consultant. Theater actress/ Instructor--part of our HUMINT - Ops training program.  Microsoft Office certified.  Advanced Spanish Linguist / cultural skills. Skilled in such themes such as "The International Culture of Business" & "The Executive & The Family". Proud member of The Global SOF Foundation.

Close Quarter Combat: Knife Fighting.

Mohammed Sami Uddin. Chief Engineering Officer, The Unit LLC.

Sami is a Civil Engineer,  specializing in Surveying & Civil Draughtsman ship by the INDO BRITISH ACADEMY; also certified in AUTO CAD. With a Diploma in Multi Lingual DTP, with English, Arabic,  Hindu & Telugu among his top language skills; he has worked for DOD in Kuwait and other regions of the Middle East. Skilled in Budget Resources Project Management.

Moteza "Mike" K. Rad. Lead Network / Telecommunications Specialist, The Unit LLC.

 With a B.A. in Electrical Telecommunications Engineering, Mike is Fluid in such languages as Farsi, Azeri, Turkish & English, with a basic to intermediate skill in French & Arabic.... Served as a Linguist and IT professional for State Dept..... Extensive cultural expertise in Middle Eastern cultures.... Skilled in RF theory & wireless technologies: UMTS, HSPA, LTE, GSM.  A Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), specializing in Design, Implementation & Maintenance of Network Infrastructures.  Proud member of the Global SOF Foundation.