Okhuoya Joseph. Director of Africa Operations, THE UNIT LLC.

Joseph is a graduate of the Maritime Academy of Nigeria.  An associated member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health & Safety (CIEHS), and the Chartered Institute of Contract Project Management (CIPM), with a National diploma in Electrical / Electronic Engineering. 

An experienced professional, with training in: survival crafts and rescue boats, security awareness, chemical tanker cargo ops, fire prevention and fire fighting. Has proficiency in Creoles & Pidgins, with a total dominance of the English language.

Worked at the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency (NAMA).

Leon "Lee" Baptiste, CEO / President / Owner, THE UNIT LLC.

Veteran of The US Army and The Intelligence Community, "Lee" has being to over 40 nations, in mostly OCONUS assignments. Skilled in several  languages and cultures (Fluent in Spanish, English & Mandarin, with an excellent level of expertise in the Asian cultures), with Buddhism as a major part of his life. An IT professional, having worked for a period of time with ITT Systems, Systems division, as a Senior IT Sipr, Nipr & Centrix networks professional.  B.S. in Biology. Proud member of  the Association of Former Intelligence Officers Inc. (AFIO) and the Association of Latino Professionals for America(ALPFA). A martial artist & CSCS......A Certified Project Officer (CPO) as well.

Md. Shariful Islam, Director of Cyber Operations, THE UNIT LLC. 

Md. has an MS in Applied Cyber security from the University of South Wales, as well as a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from the Daffodil International University(DIU).  With certifications such as CCNA and RHCSA, he also has well-versed knowledge in A.I. methodologies.

Md. has previous experiences, as an IT & Cyber security executive at ServicEngine Bangladesh, as well as a Senior IT executive for Daraz(Bangladesh)

Lauren R. Rice, Chief Operating Officer& Executive Vice President, THE UNIT LLC.

MSMS-BA (Master of Science in Management Science-Business Analytics), UAH.

B.A. In Business Administration, Faulkner University. ISSA Certified Fitness/ Nutrition Consultant. Theater actress/ Instructor--part of our HUMINT - Ops training program.  A tremendous martial artist and close-quarter-combat individual,  Advanced Spanish Linguist / cultural skills. Skilled in such themes such as "The International Culture of Business" & "The Executive & The Family". Proud member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers Inc. (AFIO). A CPO (Certified Project Officer) & Change Master for The Institute of Project Management / DOL.